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[DASD-683] (English subbed) I Have Strong Cuckold Desires, And I Started Having Daydream Fantasies About Watching My Wife Get Fucked By Other Men Mio Kimijima

Mio Kimijima is married to a man that doesn’t get excited about her anymore. They have tried about everything except one thing, and he proposes that thing to Mio, under the pretext that if she really loves him she will do it:

He wants to watch her wife having lascivious sex with strangers.

Shocked Mio reluctantly agrees to the husband, and he arranges a series of encounters for her.

Video is very decent and I enjoyed the continuous storyline plus the escalating situations. Black hair Kimijima is very real, lads.

Now, why would a man voluntarily cuckold himself and desire to watch the wife have sex with another man? There are more than a few reasons:

  1. Voyeurism. Kind of watching live porn with your wife involved. (I guess this one is common).
  2. The thrill of the taboo.
  3. Sperm competition. Self-explanatory.
  4. Female empowerment.  The joy a husband feels by witnessing her wife’s confidence and open sexuality.
  5. Bisexuality. A hidden attraction for the male sex, also a pretext for a possible bait and switch situation.
  6. Masochism. Looking for the humiliation side of getting cuckolded and get treated as weak.
  7. Misogyny. Watching the wife degraded and reduced to a slut.
  8. The thrill of being king. Having a pretty wife that is desired by many, that will still have her obedience towards the husband in the end. Saving the last and best for him. All in order for the husband to feel powerful and successful. (The guy in this movie, basically).

Yes, cuckold is a complicated issue.

What do you think?

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